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About Bukit Bintang

The Golden Triangle of KL shopping that is Bukit Bintang is the modern center of retail in the city. From mega malls to boutique shops BB has everything you need. Easy walking distance from everything else in the city center, with cheap eats and started hotels all on the same road, what more can you ask for!


Although well known to both locals and experienced visitors to Malaysia there are some who are not familiar with Bukit Bintang and the great experiences, food and shopping available here. So this site is the definitive FastFacts guide to the shopping district, giving everything you need to know to enjoy your visit to the shopping district.

For more information please contact us, or just turn up and enjoy the experience!

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Nyonya cuisine

Also called Peranakan this term refers to a unique fusion of different cultures which has occurred in Malaysia when it comes to preparing and eating food. The main ingredients have been the Chinese styles of cooking, but using spices and condiments from the Malay tradition. When combined with the other influences that are so broad in Malaysia this has built up a distinctive style all of its own.

The world famous laksa dish, which combines noodles with a spicy soup and many interesting small additions, is perhaps the best and most travelled of the Nyonya style of food.

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