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How to get to Bukit Bintang

From the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

By Rail

The KL International Airport is a long way from the city center and so travel to and from is time consuming. By far the best option is to use the Express Rail Link (ERL) to go to the city transport hub at KL Sentral, and there change to the Monorail which is a direct train all the way to Bukit Bintang station.

On the first floor of the terminal building follow the signs for KLIA Ekspres, that is currently the platform for both the Express train and the local comutter Transit train.  Ensure that you have the ticket for the correct train and that you board on the correct side of the platform to get onto the right train.

Tickets can be purchased online, via smartphone, or in the station.  Single one way trips for an adult are RM35 and though returns are available they do not offer any discount.

The main advantage of using the Ekspres train is not on arriving, but on leaving KL because you will be able to check in to your flight, including handing over your check in luggage, in the city center at KL Sentral station.

Express trains take just 28 minutes to go from the airport to the KL Sentral station and run every 15 minutes, so your maximum time from airport to Sentral including waiting is less than 45 minutes.

At KL Sentral station there are prominent signs to the other transports which are hubbed here, and that includes the single track monorail service.

Monorail trains run all day at between 10 and 5 minute intervals, the trip to Bukit Bintang takes less than 20 minutes and costs a mere RM2.10 per person.

By Taxi

Taxis from the airport are fast and efficient, but can be delayed by traffic so allow at least one hour. These special taxi service should be booked from the taxi counter within the airport, once you have given the details of where you want to go and whether you need a minivan, a budget taxi or a premium taxi, then a voucher is provided giving  you directions to the door to go.

Outside the door another helper will take your voucher and direct you to the chosen taxi.

There is no need to make any additional payments except for a tip if you feel the service deserves it.

By Bus

Bus from the airport is only RM10 per person, but can take up to 3 hours travel time so it is not recommended.

From Petronas Towers

An air-condition covered walkway now runs from the KL Convention Center (KLCC) at the Petronas towers all the way to the Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang. Known as the KL CityWalk the passage was newly opened in 2012 and because of its direct route is only about 500 meters long, meaning that it is an easy and comfortable walk.

The route of this elevated walkway which is just under 570 meters long and is as much as 5m wide for most of the distance starts at Jalan Pinang, Jalan Perak and Jalan Raja Chulan with entry and exit points at a few suitable locations.

Although air-conditioned the walkway is only open, and cooled, from 10am in the morning until 10pm at night. CCTV and guards are posted to ensure that the walkway remains safe for all.

Nyonya cuisine

Also called Peranakan this term refers to a unique fusion of different cultures which has occurred in Malaysia when it comes to preparing and eating food. The main ingredients have been the Chinese styles of cooking, but using spices and condiments from the Malay tradition. When combined with the other influences that are so broad in Malaysia this has built up a distinctive style all of its own.

The world famous laksa dish, which combines noodles with a spicy soup and many interesting small additions, is perhaps the best and most travelled of the Nyonya style of food.

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